Certification of Documents as True Certified Copies of the Original

Since Khaled Al-Salim, the owner of the office, is a lawyer and has a law firm group that provides various legal, documentation and authentication services which are needed by many people to complete their various procedures. These services include the following:

Many people need to send their certificates abroad, either to complete postgraduate studies, for the purpose of employment, or for any other unlimited purposes which we cannot count all  in  this context, and the service of authenticating copies as a true copy of the original helps the client to obtain a certified and recognized copy that has the same validity as the original one, and by so doing he will avoid worries of having to send original documents to places where he cannot guarantee that he can get them back again.

Because of having large number of employees and post graduate students sending copies certified by Al Salim, many of the institutions targeted by so many people for providing educational, medical and other services have become well familiar and acquainted with Al Salem as a legal entity, and this in its turn will give confidence to new applicant and candidate seeking the authentication service.

True copy
مكتب ترجمة معتمد بالرياض

What are the documents that need to be authenticated?

A true copy of the document is usually required for official purposes to ensure that the original document is genuine. Initially, the attorney will see your original documents and sign and stamp the photocopies with the following statement “I certify that this document is a true copy of the original and fit for internal and external use. Documents that need to be authenticated include:

  • IDs
  • Passports
  • Application forms
  • Water and electricity bills
  • Lease contracts
  • Academic documents
  • Experience Certificates
  • Marriage contracts
  • family cards
  • acadimec regsteration
  • the pictures

Al Salim Certified Translation provides the service of authentication of documents for citizens and residents inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Certification as a True Copy

Anyone inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can benefit from the document authentication service, whether Saudis, foreign investors, companies, residents, tourists, foreign employees or students. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cares to provide the best electronic services to citizens or residents, it has offered the registration form for companies and a registration form for individuals.

The specialists at Al Salim Office can provide document certification services in a short time, which saves you time. The team also ensures that all procedures are carried out correctly in accordance with the steps specified by Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which are as follows:

The client shall submit his original document along with his Original ID to the office to be verified by the attorney. Then, the document will be signed and sealed indicating that this copy is a true certified copy of the original.


Because this service has been provided to clients for more than twenty years by Al Salem, the office has gained recognition and credit by so many educational, medical, administrative, legal, engineering, social and other institutions throughout the world

Al-Salim is distinguished in this aspect, as it has become known to many entities that are considered a destination for many Saudis and foreigners residing in Saudi Arabia in all fields, especially in the medical field, such as the Canadian Medical Council, the Royal Colleges of Physicians in England and Ireland, and many universities and colleges in Australia and the United States and many other countries. It must be noted here that these institutions are located in countries whose official language is English, and the office provides the service based on seals, comments and endorsements written in English.

This service has been provided for several years, and many have benefited from it, as it is completed within no more than twenty-four hours in most cases, and through legal and administrative employees who have gained experience in providing this kind of service.

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أفضل مكتب ترجمة معتمد في شرق الرياض والمملكة 2023

Identification service

There is also the service of identifying persons who execute and prepare any legal documents such as declarations, powers of attorney, and other instruments, where the lawyer’s role here is limited to acknowledging the identity of the person who is drafting the legal document and making sure that he signs in his presence or in presence of his representative who should be one of the office staff members.

This work is based on cooperation between lawyers who have legal knowledge and competence and linguists who do legal drafting in a foreign language if required or view the content edited by the client. Many clients also need translation in addition to the legal service of documentation and identification. This way these two different activities can be provided jointly, and they can serve each other.

The Applicant's Identity Approval Service

Many people benefit from this service, but the ones who benefit most from it are doctors and other members of medical teams such as nurses and medical technicians who apply to various agencies, especially the Canadian Medical Council, as there are certain forms that include placing the image in a specific shape and with certain sizes, in addition to editing the information, identity and data of the applicant, and this requires a lawyer or a Notary Public to acknowledge that the identity of the applicant, his photo, and his signature are known to him. Al-Salem Office has been practicing this service for several years and has gained experience that helps it to perform it properly and within an exceptionally tight deadlines.


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