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Alsalim Certified Translation Office provides the best linguistic and translation services in all fields and languages. Our office cares a lot about the fast turnaround, accuracy and affordable prices for customers and corporates and provides customer service 24/7.

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Alsalim Certified Translation Office

Alsalim Certified Translation Office employs highly skilled, multidisciplinary and subject-matter linguists and translators.
Alsalim Certified Translation Office is your ready-to-go translation office, helping you and other companies worldwide with your language translation needs. Our expert team will adopt a flexible approach to meet your specific requirements and can provide full language result-driven solutions and reliable services to you.


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Medical translation

Al Salim Translation provides translation services in the medical field. Every translator in any field is distinguished by his ability to select terms that are appropriate for the medical field. Translate it. Through communication with us, you can make the

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Tourist translation

Translation in the field of tourism enables you to reach a larger audience and thus increase the number of potential customers. Then comes the role of translation in the field of hospitality, which facilitates the process of communication with tourists and


Technical translation

The technical field is a fast-growing field that spreads all over the world in a short time, so technical translation services have become a necessity in the event that you want to deliver your product to users from all over the world. This field requires

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Literary translation

Translation in the field of literature is not limited to knowing the cultures of the source and target languages or the context of the text, but rather requires a lot of flexibility, innovation and creativity with loyalty to the source text, as it may be impossible to convey

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Legal translation

Al Salim Translation provides legal translation services. If you want to provide legal official papers for an embassy or government agency, or make court papers or papers for your company, this is the field of translation for it.

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Commercial translation

Al Salim Translation provides commercial translation services such as commercial correspondence, and we are always working through these services to provide our clients with specialized professional linguists who have been selected according to translation

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Why You Need to Choose Alsalim Certified Translation?

Alsalim Certified Translation Office promise to provide efficient language services, 24/7 customer support, and affordable prices. No more inaccurate translations, no more unaffordable rates, no more dissatisfaction. Let us be your trusted translation office for all your needs.

  • Affordable & Free Translation Quotes provided in less than 1 Hour;
  • Quick Communication, outstanding Customer Service & Prompt Delivery;
  • High-quality Language Translation Services by Expert Translators;
  • Technology and Quality Protocols Consistently used to Guarantee Accuracy
  • Transparent & Competitive Pricing Discounted for Large Projects & Loyal Clients
  • Remote Service to all regions in KSA. We can receive translation jobs from anywhere through our email or whatsapp, translate and send it back stamped and certified to customers to get their complete satisfaction.

About Us

Alsalim Certified Translation Office was established for a one mission: to provide reliable, flexible and client-focused language translation services. As a Certified Translation Office, we help businesses and individuals like yours to achieve their transactions without breaking the bank.

Alsalim Certified Translation Office have highly skilled, multidisciplinary and expert translators who translated mega projects for years. They know what it takes to deliver high-quality translation and saw a gap in the market when it came to affordable solutions that didn’t sacrifice quality. And so, in 1983, Al-Salim Certified Translation was born.

Since our establishment, we have evolved quickly as a major provider of language translation services in KSA. We have proudly provided accurate language solutions for many multinational organizations who trusted our translation company for their work.

Alsalim Certified Translation


Alsalim Certified Translation Office aims to be the first choice for providing general and technical translation services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Providing various services in general and technical fields, which can make positive impacts on the business world.


  • Providing an integrated system of general and technical translation services at competitive prices.
  • Preparing all our various services with professionalism and high accuracy in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Designing and developing our services to meet the needs of our valued customers.
  • Building a long-term relationship with our clients, taking advantage of the best advanced means and our long experience in the field of translation.
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Our Values

Commitment, Professionalism, Credibility and Distinction

Commitment: We are committed to our valued customers in all work details in terms of time and accuracy.

Professionalism: We will spare no effort to provide an integrated system of general and technical translation services that are based on professionalism.

Credibility: In all our business, we are committed to honesty in preparation for business and the extent of our implementation capabilities in order to gain the trust of our valued customers.

Distinction: Providing a variety of services in the field of general and specialized translation, which can make positive impacts on the business world.


Alsalim Certified Translation Office is fully prepared to complete any project at an unbeatable price and without any default in quality or delivery time

Alsalim Translation

Language translation

Translation is not limited to converting words from one language to another only, but includes conveying the meaning of the source text using its equivalent in the target text. Therefore, it requires extensive knowledge of languages and cultures in order to formulate the target text, a formulation

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Document translation

Desktop publishing is centered around the appearance of the file, which means that it is primarily concerned with visual elements such as formatting, colors, look, design, and fonts. Desktop publishing is commonly used for translating marketing brochures, brochures, user guides, and other files

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Website translation

These days, everyone prefers listening and watching rather than reading and speaking than writing, so most of what you need will often be in the form of audio files, and therefore writing these files will benefit you. Using this service is common in meetings, interviews, discussions, conferences, and

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Proofreading and editing

Translating video clips is adding text below the video while preserving the sound. This may be by adding the text of the spoken words or adding text in a different language (translation). language you want

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Urgent translation services

It is a recorded audio commentary instead of the original audio of the video. We offer this service in the field of preparing advertising videos, cartoon films, documentaries, distance education and other videos. Al-

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Authentication of documents

Interpretation services of high quality that exceed your expectations and in a wide range of languages. Interpretation requires superiority of the translator in certain skills such as listening, speaking and

Alsalim Certified Translation

على استعداد للبدء؟ مترجمونا المحترفون هم متحدثون أصليون لديهم خبرة عملية
Ready to get started? Our professional translators are native speakers with practical experience

Prices and delivery

Alsalim Certified Translation offers its services at unbeatable prices while maintaining the highest quality. We work with you on the development of your company with the help of our various high-quality services. We look forward to cooperating and working with you soon.

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