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All Languages Support At One Place

All Languages Support At One Place
There are more than 7 billion people and 6543 languages in the world. What if there is one place to help you reach out to the people of the world in their native languages and in their own dialects? One place to get your message across accurately and effectively?
Al-Salim is a professional language translation agency and your ready-to-go language solutions provider. We provide effective and certified translation services in more than 80 languages and regional dialects, with a key focus on Middle East and Western Languages, including common and rare ones. There is no language that we did not provide.

Languages We Provide​

With our experience and expertise, Al-Salim holds the keys to the world. Our translation services ensure effective communications in any culture, language, and for any market. All you have to do is to mark on the map and select your next business venture. With a full suite of full and comprehensive language services, we will offer you full support from start to finish.

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Alsalimtrans Translation Translation Provides Translation For Many Languages More Than 40 Languages Around The World

Certified Turkish translation office


Certified German translation office


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Certified translation office in French language


Certified Swedish translation office


Certified Spanish translation office


Certified Portuguese translation office


Certified Russian translation office


Certified Italian translation office


Certified Chinese translation office


⦁ Afrikaans
⦁ Albanian
⦁ Amharic
⦁ Arabic
⦁ Armenian
⦁ Assamese
⦁ Aymara
⦁ Azerbaijani
⦁ Bambara
⦁ Basque
⦁ Belarusian
⦁ Bengali
⦁ Bhojpuri
⦁ Bosnian
⦁ Bulgarian
⦁ Catalan
⦁ Cebuano
⦁ Chichewa
⦁ Chinese (Simplified)
⦁ Chinese (Traditional)
⦁ Corsican
⦁ Croatian
⦁ Czech
⦁ Danish
⦁ Dhivehi
⦁ Dogri
⦁ Dutch
⦁ English
⦁ Esperanto
⦁ Estonian
⦁ Ewe
⦁ Filipino
⦁ Finnish
⦁ French
⦁ Frisian
⦁ Galician
⦁ Georgian
⦁ German
⦁ Greek
⦁ Guarani
⦁ Gujarati
⦁ Haitian Creole
⦁ Hausa
⦁ Hawaiian
⦁ Hebrew

⦁ Latvian
⦁ Lingala
⦁ Lithuanian
⦁ Luganda
⦁ Luxembourgish
⦁ Macedonian
⦁ Maithili
⦁ Malagasy
⦁ Malay
⦁ Malayalam
⦁ Maltese
⦁ Maori
⦁ Marathi
⦁ Meiteilon (Manipuri)
⦁ Mizo
⦁ Mongolian
⦁ Myanmar (Burmese)
⦁ Nepali
⦁ Norwegian
⦁ Odia (Oriya)
⦁ Oromo
⦁ Pashto
⦁ Persian
⦁ Polish
⦁ Portuguese
⦁ Punjabi
⦁ Quechua

⦁ Romanian
⦁ Russian
⦁ Samoan
⦁ Sanskrit
⦁ Scots Gaelic
⦁ Sepedi
⦁ Serbian
⦁ Sesotho
⦁ Shona
⦁ Sindhi
⦁ Sinhala
⦁ Slovak
⦁ Slovenian
⦁ Somali
⦁ Spanish
⦁ Sundanese
⦁ Swahili

⦁ Hindi ⦁ Hmong ⦁ Hungarian ⦁ Icelandic ⦁ Igbo ⦁ Ilocano ⦁ Indonesian ⦁ Irish ⦁ Italian ⦁ Japanese ⦁ Javanese ⦁ Kannada ⦁ Kazakh ⦁ Khmer ⦁ Kinyarwanda ⦁ Konkani ⦁ Korean ⦁ Krio ⦁ Kurdish (Kurmanji) ⦁ Kurdish (Sorani) ⦁ Kyrgyz ⦁ Lao ⦁ Latin ⦁ Tajik ⦁ Tamil ⦁ Tatar ⦁ Telugu ⦁ Thai ⦁ Tigrinya ⦁ Tsonga ⦁ Turkish ⦁ Turkmen ⦁ Twi ⦁ Ukrainian ⦁ Urdu ⦁ Uyghur ⦁ Uzbek ⦁ Vietnamese ⦁ Welsh ⦁ Xhosa ⦁ Yiddish ⦁ Yoruba ⦁ Zulu ⦁ Swedish

Expert Language Translation Services​

Despite the technological updates in translation industry, machine translation is not yet prepared and equipped to tackle with the complexities and nuances of languages. It might be of value, but can never be trusted for quality translation. If you want to create a real and personal connection with people, the human touch is irreplaceable.

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This is why Al-Salim Certified Translation Company

Our expert, seasoned, and multidisciplinary professional translators and linguists have impeccable language and translation competence that enables them to handle your language translation with utmost reliability, expertise, and ease. They also have the technical ability to rely on translation techniques and tools, where possible, and follow a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure accurate results, fast completion times, and reasonable costs. You can rest assured that Al-Salim translation services are the best in the industry because we only work with qualified translators who are native speakers and residents of your target country. This way, you can ensure that they have the essential insider knowledge to provide the highest quality. In other words, they create connections that reflect the cultural experiences of your target audience, and that deliver more authentic and relevant experiences.

What To Expect?

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Expert service

Certified linguists for accredited document translation services, ensuring high quality and reliable service.

Quick turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the best online document translation services in the shortest possible time. You can rest assured that we will meet your tight deadlines.

Cost effective solution

Our professional document services are the most competitively priced in the market. Our affordable rates ensure that you don’t have to break the bank for a high-quality translation.

Translate your content

Get fast, high-quality translations from the best language translators for your document translation project of any size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a translation agency, we are confident that certified translated documents are the best way to ensure that any documents for official purposes are expertly handled without any errors, as well as given legal authority that is not always recognized by standard translation. This is often used in specialized industries such as technical, engineering or medical translation. At Al-Salem Certified Translation, we take great pride in the wide variety of language translations that we offer. We offer this service across a number of different industries, and you can request this service. Our in-depth knowledge of certified translations has shown us that the official nature of a source document or certificate creates a need for an efficient and reliable service.
absolutely yes. Helping individuals and families bridge linguistic and cultural gaps is one of the central premises of our agency, and this is evident in the huge number of certified translations we offer at competitive prices and quick turnaround, no matter what language or time scale you’re working on.

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