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What can legal translation service help you with?

At Al-Salim Certified Translation, our team recognizes and meets the specific needs of each legal specialism while providing the accurate translation that our clients need. Our rigorous approach is the reason that Al-Salim Certified Translation is the partner of choice for global companies and in-house counsel seeking a professional legal translation service.
We will work with you to devise a tailored solution for your needs and are committed to complete customer satisfaction, bolstering our translation service offer with outstanding customer service and dedicated project managers.

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What documents can a professional legal translation service translate?

Our multidisciplinary team is equipped to provide a wide range of services, delivering each service with accuracy, effectiveness and within a short turnaround.

Legal translation has many different fields and can be confusing for non-specialized people.

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What’s usually included in the legal document and how it is translated?

We offer comprehensive professional legal services that fulfill your needs, and our translators will be close to you across many different languages. Our team will take the time to capture your instructions and needs, utilizing their legal expertise in doing that, starting the project. They will guarantee that the translated legal document is tailored and understood by your target audience.

Our highly-qualified and subject-matter translators and linguists is supported by the state-of-the-art linguistic technology, which ensures that you will receive a high-quality service at a price that suits your budget.

High-level of confidentiality, privacy and data protection processes and multiple back-ups during the project cycle to ensure that your data is protected and saved.

What is the professional legal translation process?

After sending your legal documents to our translator, we will analyze them and discuss services levels, costs, expectations and timeline suitable for you before giving our quotation. Once this is agreed, we will go through your document, host a kickoff meeting and start the translation process.
Our team of expert, industry-appropriate linguists and translators will do the translation with high quality. All our legal translators have at least 15 years of sector-specific translation experience and industry relevant qualifications, alongside a relevant legal qualification. This way we ensure you the ultimate quality and accuracy . When entrusting us with your legal needs, rest assured – we obtained a 97.25% customer satisfaction rate for 2022.

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Types of Legal Translation:

Types of Legal Translation:

  • Translating Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association:
  • Articles of Association are the contracts under which a company will be incorporated and contains 21-22 Articles that covers the Parties’ details, the Company’s title, object, duration, capital, type, BoDs Management, Fiscal Year, Ordinary General Assembly, meetings deliberations and quorum, applicable laws and duplicates.
  • Translating Financial Statements:
  • Financial statements include both interim and annual financial statements and are prepared by a Certified Auditor to reflect the Company’s profits & losses, income statement, cash flows statement and balance sheet for the ended fiscal year.
  • Translating distribution and reseller agreements (exclusive):
  • Distribution and reseller agreements are the contracts made between two Saudi companies or Saudi and international company and authorizing the Saudi Company to be its sole/exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia. We assure you that these agreements and contracts will be translated as duly required by the competent authorities with high level of quality.
  • Translating Incorporation Documents:
  • Incorporation documents are the documents and conditions set by Saudi Laws and Regulations. Such documents include the Incorporation Documents (AoAs/MoAs), incorporation certificate, power of attorney authorizing one of Saudi Law Firms to be its agent and attorney-in-fact in finalizing all incorporation procedures, presenting the necessary documents on behalf of the international company and following up and taking necessary actions before all competent authorities, and delegating others to do all or part of its powers and authorities.
  • Translating company’s Internal Work Organization Regulations:
  • Companies shall have WORs in place issued to them by the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources. These regulations sets and regulates the company’s relationship with its employees, i.e. employees requirements, dues, leaves, promotion, Secondment, travel tickets, annual leave, medical insurance, penalties and violations schedule, etc.

What To Expect?

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Expert service

Certified linguists for accredited document translation services, ensuring high quality and reliable service.

Quick turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the best online document translation services in the shortest possible time. You can rest assured that we will meet your tight deadlines.

Cost effective solution

Our professional document services are the most competitively priced in the market. Our affordable rates ensure that you don’t have to break the bank for a high-quality translation.

Translate your content

Get fast, high-quality translations from the best language translators for your document translation project of any size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a translation agency, we are confident that certified translated documents are the best way to ensure that any documents for official purposes are expertly handled without any errors, as well as given legal authority that is not always recognized by standard translation. This is often used in specialized industries such as technical, engineering or medical translation. At Al-Salem Certified Translation, we take great pride in the wide variety of language translations that we offer. We offer this service across a number of different industries, and you can request this service. Our in-depth knowledge of certified translations has shown us that the official nature of a source document or certificate creates a need for an efficient and reliable service.
absolutely yes. Helping individuals and families bridge linguistic and cultural gaps is one of the central premises of our agency, and this is evident in the huge number of certified translations we offer at competitive prices and quick turnaround, no matter what language or time scale you’re working on.

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