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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

When you desire to translate medical reports, translation accuracy is principal. Our translators are aware of the importance of the most accurate medical terms.

We have dealt with many public and private medical sectors throughout the years, providing them with perfect and professional medical translation services in over 150 languages.

A slight mistake in translating medical reports can lead to severe consequences for patients and doctors. The dangers are too grave to take chances with medical translation. You must work with subject-matter experts who understand exactly what they do.

Al Salim is a KSA-based translation Office specializing in medical translation from English into all main languages and vice versa. We have teams of skilled translators who are experts in medical terminology; that is why we are assured we can provide you with truthful translation every time.

Whether you have a general medical, specialized medical or pharmaceutical translation documents from French, Spanish or to English or from English Arabic to German or Russian or, at Al Salim. We understand the importance of accuracy, high quality and delivery in time translation.

We have wide experience in providing professional medical and pharmaceutical translation services. We accomplish this with carefully selected medical translators.

Medical Translation
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Translated Medical Reports

At Al Salim Office, we can handle all kinds of supported file formats. Once the translation is finished, a team of highly qualified experts will deliver the translated materials in the same file format.

  • Open Office files (ODT, ODS, ODP)
  • Microsoft Office files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)
  • Text files (TXT, CSV, RTF)
  • Adobe files (INDD, IDML, AI)

Why Us?

Medical translation is a complex and specialized field, so you have to look for a qualified translation office like ours. The following are a few reasons why you have to choose us for your medical translation:

Documents we translate:

  • Manuals
  • Case studies
  • Consent forms
  • Medical packaging and labelling
  • Clinical protocols
  • Medical journals
  • Patient records and information booklets
  • Instruction manuals
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Healthcare’s most trusted translation office

Off course you have no doubt that providing excellent care to everyone, regardless of language, ability, culture – is the right thing to do. This can be difficult as the community you serve grows more culturally complex and multilingual. It is must important than ever that you have a reliable translation office that can help you seamlessly take on this challenge.

For four decades, Al Salim has faithfully delivered world-class translation and interpretation services to caregivers, patients and healthcare professionals at their critical moments of need. We pride ourselves to be the trusted language support provider to hundreds of healthcare organizations and companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When they partner with s, these healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics have on-demand access to reliably, secure, fast and scalable language services that are available night and day.

We provide our clients with all language coverage. This includes translation and interpretation delivered by world-class, medically qualified translators, as well as on-time translation and localization of all important documents. We provide certified medical translation with pinpoint accuracy in all languages.

We do all of this 24/7, and we do it in more than 150 languages.

Improve patient satisfaction

When you’re in the hospital, peace of mind is as valuable as receiving the best care available. If you can’t understand what your doctor or nurse is saying or if you can’t understand the medical report issued by health authorities, peace of mind is almost impossible.

This is the most fundamental way our professional medical services affect the patient experience. By communicating with patients in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate, you are able to increase patient satisfaction and safety while building trust.

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Increase efficiency

Meaningful language access leads to better operational competence. When you talk a patient’s preferred language, you can limit the time you need for each meeting. You also reduce the number of diagnostic tests that may be ordered.

Language access increases the productivity of our translators. Your team will no longer be disappointed by the barriers of communication and otherwise will be able to focus on providing distinguished care.

Experts in medical translation

Translators of medical or pharmaceutical reports or contents must be very honorable and have a thorough knowledge of it. The translation of a medical report cannot be done correctly if the translator does not know all words, acronyms and the specificities of the document on which he is translating. Al Salim Office therefore guarantees you multilingual translators, editors, proofreaders and reviewers who are also subject-matter experts in their field of translation.

These professionals have a perfect command of the translation subject and the different nuances relating to pharmaceutical products, pathologies, medical specificities, technical knowledge, and standards and regulations in force in each country.

Thus, in the case of medical translation, our professional translators work closely with medical experts if the subject exceeds their personal knowledge or if they need further or more information. Thanks to their know-how, precise and specialized linguistic skills and knowledge, they guarantee high-quality work that meets your needs and satisfaction.
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What To Expect?

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Expert service

Certified linguists for accredited document translation services, ensuring high quality and reliable service.

Quick turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the best online document translation services in the shortest possible time. You can rest assured that we will meet your tight deadlines.

Cost effective solution

Our professional document services are the most competitively priced in the market. Our affordable rates ensure that you don’t have to break the bank for a high-quality translation.

Translate your content

Get fast, high-quality translations from the best language translators for your document translation project of any size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a translation agency, we are confident that certified translated documents are the best way to ensure that any documents for official purposes are expertly handled without any errors, as well as given legal authority that is not always recognized by standard translation. This is often used in specialized industries such as technical, engineering or medical translation. At Al-Salem Certified Translation, we take great pride in the wide variety of language translations that we offer. We offer this service across a number of different industries, and you can request this service. Our in-depth knowledge of certified translations has shown us that the official nature of a source document or certificate creates a need for an efficient and reliable service.
absolutely yes. Helping individuals and families bridge linguistic and cultural gaps is one of the central premises of our agency, and this is evident in the huge number of certified translations we offer at competitive prices and quick turnaround, no matter what language or time scale you’re working on.

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