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Technical Translations

Al Salim Certified Translation is one of the leading translation offices in the Middle East, provides you with a high-quality technical translation service.

Your document is entrusted to expert linguists and translators who specialize in technical translation and have field and specific-expertise in this field.

To guarantee the quality of the translation, these professionals translate into their native language only, and many are based in the country where the language is used.

This means that they have up-to-date, full and thorough knowledge of the vocabulary and standards of the sector and of the local culture.

What are the features of these translations? What is a technical translation?

Below, we take a look at the inherent challenges of technical translations.

What exactly is technical translation?

Technical documentation consists of specialized terms produced by technical writers with a high level of expertise in their fields. This kind of language requires absolute precision, and it requires translations to be flawlessly accurate and nothing less. Professional technical translation can take the form of legal documents, automated manuals, and more. We take your industry expertise and take it globally with our technical translation service! In addition, we offer free sample translations for some projects (10,000+ words) to prove our high quality standards. Contact us now to find out more.
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Technical document translation services

Since globalization, we have become more interdependent; This opened up new opportunities, causing a boom in accurate technical translations. Our technical translation services are tailored to your organization, helping you to communicate a clear message. Language is critical to global success. The impact of Brexit on global supply chains, international trade laws, and much more. Businesses must adapt to the “new normal” of the post-Brexit landscape. There is no better partner than Al Wissam to assist in the international development of your company. Our translations will help you thrive in new markets, and advance your global presence into uncharted territory. More importantly, we have a proven track record, and are renowned for the quality of our results-oriented technical translation services. As an award-winning translation service provider, we set the pace in the industry, and guarantee your complete satisfaction. We provide translation services for technical documents in the following sectors: Banking and Finance Legal Manufacturing Engineering Energy and Environment World Trade Games Technology Military and Defense Equipment Most importantly we will: Translate any text in images. Keep document formatting. Provide accurate translations.
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Why choose us to translate technical documents?

We are honest: there are many translation offices. So why should you come to us?

  • We provide technical translation services in about 100 languages
  • We have been a trustworthy partner when it comes to translations for over 35 years
  • We provide high-quality translation services through our more than 3,000 native speakers
  • We not only have staff who are linguistically skilled, and also have technical expertise in the respective field
  • We work quickly and professionally to satisfy your needs.

The request for technical document translations is increasing and the need to translate from English to French and English to German is now more required than before.

Technical translation: definition and characteristics

Technical translation refers to translating texts from technical sectors, which use professional terminology. This may be in the scientific, medical, legal, IT, financial, or mechanical sectors, etc.

Accuracy and precision are important to provide a qualified technical translation. The technical translator needs to have perfect industry-specific terms in the target language. In addition, to translate a technical document accurately, they must also have the experience in the applicable norms and regulations in the concerned industry.

wide range of technical documents may need to be translated. Due to the complexity of this type of translation, only a professional translator can deliver a reliable and accurate translation.

In the technical translation, the slightest mistake in language or a mistranslated word can have very damaging consequences.

We can provide technical translation services that meet your needs:

  • Translation services for the industrial sector (electronics, aeronautics energyindustry, technology, chemical, solar, vehicles, industrial manufacturing, engineering, safety data sheetsagricultural engineering technical documents, etc.)
  • Translation services for the IT sector (websites, software, etc.)
  • Translation services for the scientific sector (expert reports, patents, studies, etc.)
  • Translation services for the medical sector (products, clinical trials, medical instructions, etc.)

How do we ensure the highest quality translation?

We have two main elements that give us a distinct advantage: Advanced Software Translation Management and Cutting-Edge Technology Every project we undertake is delivered with the support of our best expert translators. Synergy ensures that you get high-quality technical translation without breaking the bank, taking advantage of term banks and translation memory. In-house Desktop Publishing We are uniquely positioned by having in-house Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists. Not only can we translate texts, but we can also translate images and specialized images as well. DTP is our specialty, and our staff can advise you on which file types and formats will ensure that your technical documents are translated accurately.

Technical translation services by specialists

 We provide a wide range of translators who have a strong understanding of the respective technologies. This means that they are qualified enough to carry out your technical translations with a high accuracy.

What To Expect?

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Expert service

Certified linguists for accredited document translation services, ensuring high quality and reliable service.

Quick turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the best online document translation services in the shortest possible time. You can rest assured that we will meet your tight deadlines.

Cost effective solution

Our professional document services are the most competitively priced in the market. Our affordable rates ensure that you don’t have to break the bank for a high-quality translation.

Translate your content

Get fast, high-quality translations from the best language translators for your document translation project of any size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical translation is concerned with documents from industrial sectors e.g., aviation, shipbuilding, transport, food processing, etc. Such documents include technical data sheets, user manuals, patents, etc.

The cost of a translation varies according to its type and the length of the translation. You can request a free quote online and you will receive a quotation within a few hours.

The most common formats for technical documents are Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel. Nevertheless, you can send a document in another format and we will check whether we can handle it.

The average turnaround time is one working day for a text of around 10,000 words. This timeframe depends on the word count, the subject of the text and the target language. However, by selecting the priority option, you can reduce the turnaround time to a few hours.

We have developed expertise in translating documents of many different languages. Over the years we have accurately translated many different types of technical documents.

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